Film Mattes

Still frame from a movie, cropped

On this page, you can find HD and digital cinema film mattes for download.

What is a film matte?

These film mattes are basically just transparent PNG files with black bars in exactly the right places to crop one motion picture format into another format.

Sometimes it is necessary to shoot a film or video production in one aspect ratio, knowing that you’re going to crop it to a different format later during editing or final delivery. It is also not uncommon to shoot and edit a production in one format, knowing that it will also need to be adapted to another format for wider distribution.

As an example, the image above is from a short film called Written On Your Face that we shot in the 1.78 aspect ratio, but cropped to 2.40 for release. The black bars are from the film matte, and the visible image is showing through the clear part of the film matte.

Obviously if you shoot in one aspect ratio and release in another, you have to plan for this from the beginning, and compose your shots accordingly.

Available Formats and Sizes

Format Original Resolution Aspect Ratio Crop To Visible Resolution Cut Pixels
2K HD 1920x1080 2.40 center 1920x800 top 140, bottom 140
2K HD 1920x1080 2.40 top 1920x800 bottom 280
2K DCI 2048x1080 1.78 pillarbox 1920x1080 left 64, right 64
2K DCI 2048x1080 1.85 pillarbox 1998x1080 left 25, right 25
2K DCI 2048x1080 2.39 center 2048x858 top 111, bottom 111
2K DCI 2048x1080 2.39 top 2048x858 bottom 222
4K HD 3840x2160 2.40 center 3840x1600 top 280, bottom 280
4K HD 3840x2160 2.40 top 3840x1600 bottom 560
4K DCI 4096x2160 1.78 pillarbox 3840x2160 left 128, right 128
4K DCI 4096x2160 1.85 pillarbox 3996x2160 left 50, right 50
4K DCI 4096x2160 2.39 center 4096x1716 top 222, bottom 222
4K DCI 4096x2160 2.39 top 4096x1716 bottom 444
8K HD 7680x4320 2.40 center 7680x3200 top 560, bottom 560
8K HD 7680x4320 2.40 top 7680x3200 bottom 1120
8K DCI 8192x4320 1.78 pillarbox 7680x4320 left 256, right 256
8K DCI 8192x4320 1.85 pillarbox 7992x4320 left 100, right 100
8K DCI 8192x4320 2.39 center 8192x3432 top 444, bottom 444
8K DCI 8192x4320 2.39 top 8192x3432 bottom 888


Film Mattes